The band "Zefkalides" is a traditional band of Ikaria that in recent
years has been actively involved in the musical events of the island.


"Zefkalis" in the ikarian dialect means the man who likes the feast and dance.


The founding members of the band are Giorgos Stroupas (violin), Lykourgos
Zervakos (percussion) and Manthos Lazaridis (lute, vocal), while in 2016 were added to the band
, Asteris Konstantinou (guitar, vocal) and Petros Raptis (bouzouki, vocal).
At times the band has collaborated with a number of musicians on the island, and in the summer
of 2018 participated in the music group the singer Rena Topalidou.


If you love Ikaria, celebrations and festivals, then definitely somewhere you will come across
the band "Zefkalides"!


Until we meet again!